Travelling to the Juno Clinic

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I hope my new clients do not take offense when I first ask how nearby to Manchester they are!  If you are more than a 50 minute drive away, I ask you to consider SaveFace to see if there is anyone more local.

It is always an honour and a privilege if a client travels from a distance to visit and so far I have nearly fallen off my chair when I have found out people have travelled from London, Glasgow, Dubai, Kuwait, Spain, Channel Islands and Switzerland!

As explained in my previous blog about complications, there are some very rare one that if you were to encounter, you would need to return to me immediately.  Fortunately, they are extremely unlikely, and even further less likely because of my technique and cautious approach.  However, there are other more common complications that you might want to return to me for, such as: a review of your treatment, smoothing any lumps that might have formed once you have left or review of bruising and swelling. In which case, you must be prepared to commit to return to me so I can resolve these issues for you.

 Aesthetic treatments such as lip fillers are medical procedures that take some time to settle but each person is different and so for the most optimum effect, you may need to return within a fortnight for a follow up appointment.