photoshopped lips

Photoshop Alert!!

I share as many before and after photos as I can (permission and time permitting!) I also tell you why I spent so much effort on good photography by taking photos from different angles in different physical states. When I scroll through Instagram, I am deluged with photos that are full of trickery!

This photo is a great example, it appears to show a jaw enhancement result but this post was actually intended to show the difference following a chemical peel! The position, angle and zoom of the photos make it (unintentionally!) appear that the person’s jawline is significantly more defined.

I also wanted to make you aware of certain “tells” when comparison images have been digitally altered. I have shared with you images of lips that are actually post-treatment and a photoshopped result. Can you see some of the tricks?

Not all lip results are the same but in most cases you can expect there to be some swelling, a flushed colour and not complete symmetry. Also, cupid bows cannot change shape!

Professional and clear photos are to be encouraged but here are my hints when to be vigilant:

  • The entire portfolio is “perfect looking.” Whether you use needle or cannula there is always swelling and only in a minority of cases, that swelling is negligible.

  • The “after” photo is zoomed so it is difficult for you to appreciate the true difference in size.

  • There is a change in the shape of the lip (i.e. cupid bow sharpened) that is not explained by increasing the lip volume.

I aim for the the most natural result possible so I was very reassured to see that the actual results were actually not far off a photoshopper’s “ideal” but I hope when lined up side-by-side, you can very clearly see the difference!