I rarely get star struck person and very often I treat a person without even knowing they are in the public eye. My treatment before & after photos are of normal men and women looking at their best and I wouldn't want it any other way.

But I do have the support of some well known people and I really appreciate their support in promoting the field of medical aesthetics and acting as ambassadors for safe treatments for their followers.

In particular I would like to thank:

Holly Boon

Sassy and gorgeous Holly Boon is a great ambassador for medical aesthetics. Because she lives her life through a lens, when we meet we plan treatments that will give a nice enhancement but are not extreme so she still stays stunning. Her treatments do not detract from her beauty!

Imogen Hudson

Imogen is a well known lifestyle and fashion model and beauty blogger. She believes in embracing her uniqueness and individuality. Her treatments focus on letting her personality shine through.

Portia Hickson

Portia is a sought after stylist and colourist. She has relocated to the UAE for career purposes so I have not caught up with her recently but when I have treated her, we have focused on making her feel more confident and as a result her confidence just shines through.

And a special thanks to these lovely ladies who have been loyal supporters of Juno Medical Aesthetics and with whom I have a very warm professional relationship with.