Treatment of the Eyes

Fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes can either be caused by volume loss (caused by the aging process) and/or muscle activity. There are therefore two very different approaches that can be taken when treating this area.

1. Under eye Volumisation:

The tear trough area extends from the inner corner of the eye following a semicircular arc.  A deep trough can cause a shadow that looks like a dark circle under the eye and make a person look older and more tired than they really are.  The volume loss under the eye is an early sign of aging that responds well to very fine filler being expertly placed in this area with a long lasting natural effect of approximately 12 months with minimal downtime. 

Patients who can expect a good effect are ones with a hollow look under the eyes with good skin elasticity and adequate skin thickness. 

Surprisingly injections under the eye are not painful with virtually no discomfort.  Mild bruising can be expected and the usual aftercare advice regarding fillers will be discussed on the day.


2. Toxin Treatment:

A neurotoxin called Botulinum Toxin is injected in small doses to the muscle that surrounds the eye. This relaxes the crows feet area so when you smile, the muscle does not contract and form creases in the outer corner of the eyes.

For fine lines under the eye - a combination of treatment approaches can be considered: replace lost volume, use Botulinum Toxin near the corner of the eye and use a good eye cream.