The Male Face

Treating the male face involves a very different aesthetic assessment to treating the female face. The most commonly requested treatments for men are:

  • Under eye rejuvenation and re-volumisation

  • Nose reshaping

  • Profile rebalancing (chin)

  • Jaw enhancement

Other injectable treatments that men benefit from are: nasolabial line softening, cheek restoration for athletes that are gaunt looking, toxin to soften an over-masculine brow and skin treatments such as chemical peels and Profhilo.

Men are in the fortunate position that their attractiveness is not reduced by the ageing process, if fact - the presence of wrinkles and salt and pepper hair can positively enhance attractiveness. Look at Cliff Eastwood with wrinkles and without - his attractiveness is not diminished because he has wrinkles around his eyes!


Examples of male treatments form Juno Aesthetics (click to enlarge):