The company name originates from the Aesop tale of Juno (the Roman Queen of the Gods) and the peacock. The peacock felt defeated by the sound of its own voice and Juno's connection with vital energy helped the peacock realise its magnificence.

Juno clinicians want you to enhance your own beauty. We are here to offer you realistic, natural looking treatments that are about your aspirations and identity.  Juno Aesthetics does not subscribe to a "plastic fantastic" ideal. Our customers mostly report that other people in their lives cannot tell that they have had an aesthetic treatment but instead get feedback that they look "rested," "well" and "refreshed."

We offer relaxed but in-depth consultations that explore your medical history, discuss the issues you feel could do with improvement and then discuss with you realistic options to address them. We then ask that you go away and think about what you feel comfortable with before deciding to arrange a treatment appointment. We conduct treatments at out clinic in Wilmslow or at your home address by prior arrangement and offer you follow up 1-2 weeks after treatment to ensure you have the desired result.