Services Offered to Other Professionals

Nofie is an experienced supervisor and mentor with a career in NHS health services as a Registered Nurse from 2001 onwards. As a mental health nurse, she has a specialist interest in the role of the psychological assessment as part of the consultation process.

She is able to offer learning opportunities to health professionals contemplating entry into the specialism, beginners and intermediate level practitioners. Examples of the support available:

  • Shadowing 2-3 hours in clinic

  • Meeting for 1:1 supervision (suitable for nurses)

  • Referrals accepted for psychologically complex patients

  • Referrals accepted for second opinions

  • Referrals accepted for complications management (you must attend clinic with your patient)

If professionals would like to express their gratitude for accessing or using any of the above services, donations to the charity Changing Faces are signposted here.

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