Liquid Face Lift

From your 30s onwards, the deep fat pads in your face will start to slack and descend. This is the cause of certain unflattering creases such as the nasolabial and melolabial folds; the mandible bone lengthens and the eye sockets enlarge.

By using various injection techniques in areas where there are changes loss, dermal filler can restore volume. As a guide 1ml will be required for each decade in order to provide a "liquid face lift" effect. Therefore pricing for this procedure can range between £350 and £595 and 2 appointments may be required.

The results of usually last 9 to 12 months and beyond. Gradually, the body absorbs the injected material, and the face returns to its pre-treatment appearance. Many patients return for repeat visits of 2ml every 6 months to maintain the result.

Do consider having a Profhilo "weightless lift" treatment following this procedure in order to improve skin laxity and firmness further. There is further information about this treatment here.