Why look after your skin?

The key to looking great is using a multitude of approaches, one of which is having an evidence based cosmeceutical regime. I really is worth investing in and looking after your skin, no matter what your age because there is such a positive impact to your appearance when skin has a good clarity, even texture and is plump and firm. There is an enormous difference between cosmetic products (e.g. Lancome, Mac, Nivea, Clarins etc) and cosmeceutical products that are backed by science and provide the most effective active ingredients for improving the skin and treating skin conditions. I have taken my time to test and trial lots of different brands before deciding on NEOSTRATA.




NeoStrata founders - Master Dermatologist Dr Scott and Dermatopharmacologist Dr Ruey discovered AHA (alpha-hydroxy-acid) technology 25 years ago and have a range of prescription strength chemical peels with adjunct homecare products that targets all the layers of the skin. The range is highly sought after and praised by medical professionals and their patients. I strongly recommend my patients use the suggested homecare products before embarking on peels so that their skin is prepped. Homecare products can be purchased from the clinic or from this website. The NeoStrata peels contain a patented amphoteric agent system so the acids are potent but sustained release so are less irritating, stinging, more tolerable and can even be used on Rosacea skin.  AHAs like glycolic & ctiric acids break down the glue like structures in the top layer of the skin - they are powerful and effective exfoliators.  This encourages new basal cells to get to the surface quicker and improves communication between the epidermis and dermis so there is more defined undulation in the finger like structures in the dermis, which improves collagen production so that skin appears thicker, stronger and more luminous.  These acids also change the biology of the skin so this keratinisation process becomes normal the end result of more hydrated and better clarity is due to this better communication between skin layers.

NeoStrata peels can target: dull skin, acne prone skin or pigmented skin and over 4-6 sessions will increase skin thickness, reduce pore size and result in a natural glow that freshens the skin.


Resurfacing skin

Normal (non sensitive skin) that is flat and dull responds well to the glycolic acid products in the Neostrata Resurface range. I also recommend products from these range for patients to use 2 weeks before their peel. Hero products (those that are high performing essentials) are starred:

  • Foaming glycolic wash is potent exfoiliator ***
  • Ultra daytime cream is ideal for women in their 20s or those showing the first signs of aging.
  • Ultra smoothing cream is a good night cream for women in their 20s.
  • Ultra smoothing lotion is for the body and a great skin prep for fake tanning **
  • Face cream plus is an intense night cream option.
  • High potency cream is for very photodamaged skin **
  • Lotion plus is a great toner for men to use for ingrown hairs.
  • Smooth surface daily peel are daily pads that feel tingly and tighten pores and refines skin texture ***




The Skin Active range contains potent formulations that stimulate cell renewal, even tone, help boost collagen and protect against oxidative damage.

Hero products (those that are high performing essentials) are starred:

  • Exfoliating wash - lightly exfoliates but gentle enough to use around the eye area.
  • Matrix support - a day cream that tightens.
  • Cellular restoration - a potent anti-aging night cream
  • Intensive eye therapy - clinical studies evidence firmer fine lines, and more lifted eye area ***
  • Triple firming neck cream - incredible results when used twice daily over a 4 week period ***
  • Retinal and NAG complex - potent for those who have experience with retinol.
  • Dermal replenishment - great night cream.
  • Line lift - for deep lines and wrinkles, great for the under eye area ***
  • Firming collagen booster - for night time.
  • Antioxidant defense serum - the most potent on the market, gets rid of problematic free radicals **