What does Plasma Do?

I'm sure you have seen videos on social media where skin seems to be burnt with a probe leaving lots of dots with boasts about "fibroblast therapy" or even "plasma treatments."  Unfortunately these machines are very unlikely to be true plasma machines because there is no trademark on the use of the word "plasma" so they are often radio frequency, or use radio frequency to operate. Like Louis Vuitton, there are lots of fakes out there.

Plasma therapy was introduced 12 years ago by Professor Fippi. In physics, it is the 4th meta state (the others being solid, liquid and gas). A true plasma device emits alternating currents that ionise the gas in the air to produce nano plasma - a small electrical arc that when it touches skin can either tighten, bio-stimulate, rejuvenate or remodel skin. A true plasma machine should never have mains current otherwise a device can transfer electricity to a patient. A good test of whether a person has a true plasma machine is if it can be used in the eye, toot canal, on children, for people with a metal plate, heart conditions or on warfarin. These other machines create an arc via an electric current and there are lots of risk factors (such as burnt and scarred skin) as a result of the use of electricity.

So now you have the knowledge to choose a clinician who uses a true plasma machine, how can it benefit you? Each plasma treatment will give a 35-40% retraction in the skin so it has a very wide range of uses. Most popular applications are for area of skin tightening where volumising with dermal fillers is not possible for instance - upper eye lid tightening, lower eye lid tightening, barcode lines on the top lip (peri-oral area), treatment of stretchmarks, skin tag removal, improving pigmentation and acne scarring.

Nano plasma does not burn the skin, it sublimates it by taking a solid and turning it into gas so there should not be severe swelling that lasts weeks or crusting