Be Cautious about IV Vitamin Infusions


According to the Daily Mail, doctors are peddling £150 'pointless' vitamin drips in clinics that are made to look like beauty spas.

There are strong discussions in the medical aesthetic community about medics and laypersons who offer IV vitamin infusions. I have been asked why I don’t offer them in Juno Aesthetics and here are some of the reasons why:

Intravenous access is no joke!

Putting a substance into your body via your veins give your heart, brain and lungs a massive exposure of a substance you could have a severe reaction to. To do this outside of a hospital means that if there was an issue, you would be unlikely to get the emergency help you needed.

Medical not Wellbeing

I’m not convinced there are benefits to people who are well and healthy. The evidence to say it works is on people who are malnourished and/or have vitamin absorption problems. Then the drips are treatments for a disease or disorder which is clearly medical. Otherwise they are worthless and you are putting yourself at needless risk.

If you have a suspected deficiency in vitamins/minerals, go to your family doctor and request blood tests.