Dealing with sweaty armpits

Now it’s warmer, you might have noticed your body sweating more than usual. This is a natural and healthy event. As long as you are washing the sweat and bacteria away each day, it is usual to get a bit wiffy.

But there are some people to experience excessive sweating due to nerves and stress. This experience occurs all throughout the year and can cause distress. Particularly if there is a big event such as a wedding or public speaking because the sweat stains are noticeable.

If excessive sweating is not controlled by anti-perspirants, then it might be time to consider using toxin to “immobilise” the sweat producing ducts in the skin. This is a high dose treatment that is delivered over 2 sessions, hence the cost of £395. The treatment aims to reduce (not cease) your sweating so consider it as a one off before a big event, or if you are troubled by ongoing excessive sweating, then consider budgeting for 2-3 treatments per year. You will continue to sweat in other usual areas of the body - such as head, back and groin in order to regulate your body temperature, should you be engaging in sports.

Wrinkle Relaxing Treatments

Did you know Juno Aesthetics is not permitted by the Medicine’s Regulator to use the brand name BOTOX in any promotional literature on my website or social media. Most people refer to all wrinkle relaxing treatments as “Botox Treatments” but they might not use the brand Botox (you might have heard of Azzalure, Dysport or Bocouture). However, I choose to use the Botox brand for your wrinkle relaxing treatments because it is widely researched and gives the best outcomes and best results.

Toxin treatments such as Botox prevent the brain’s messages from getting through to specific muscles that have been treated. It works by blocking the message junctions in the nerves that sit in muscles. After 8-12 weeks, you body starts growing back the receptors and so first signs of movement returns. Botox treatments are so effective in improving fine lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement because they stop the muscle from moving which relaxes the area and gives the skin opportunity to regenerate without the constant creasing. Most people will have this treatment 2-3 times a year, which is every 4-6 months.

Here are some facts about toxin treatments you might not know:

  • Botox has been used in medicine for 30 years. It was first used for blepharospasm, cervical dystonia, chronic migraine. The optimal result is 30 days after treatment, thereafter first signs of movement are expected to return 8-12 weeks later.

  • Toxin treatments are not about immobilising the face but balancing musculature for a more relaxed appearance and reduction in lines caused by muscle movement.

  • Patients report feeling “5 years younger” by having a toxin treatment.

  • As we age, we become caricatures of ourselves because we grimace more due to volume loss in other layers of the face.

  • Toxin treatments have been used off label to improve anti-inflammatory skin conditions such as Acne-Rosacea.

  • When used over a certain standard dose, about 20% of patients are observing results that are lasting 5-6 months.