PGAGE Revolutionary Deep Peel


I have been getting such great results with the PQAGE peel I had to let you know it is available!

It is a peel that is a combination of TCA (peel with a deep action) stabilised with urea peroxide, in association with gentle exfoliating agents (kojic acid) and antioxidant agents (Q10 enzyme). This combination enables a deep revitalising, lifting and stimulating action of the dermis without the side effects of peeling.

Thanks to the combination of TCA and urea peroxide, the peel does not damage the epidermis and so there is increased permeability of the TCA across the cell membrane because the proteins in the dermis are denatured in a targeted and controlled way. The peel also increases the oxidant effect of hydrogen peroxide which is released from the urea peroxide giving a strong temporary whitening action as well as the direct oxidation of membrane proteins and dermal proteins.

This is great for a TCA peel because it means that it can be performed on delicate and sensitive skin and the peel will remove skin blemishes, aid tissue regeneration, treat pigmentation and firm looser skin.  It is a painless treatment and can be used all year round, at intervals of every week if required.

This peel is ideal for people with:

  • inflamed acne

  • skin discolouration and pigmentation

  • skin that requires revitalisation

  • stretch marks

  • recent scars

  • loose skin on the face, neck and decollete