Are you ready for an injectable treatment?

My heart sinks when I get a potential patient inquiring about a cosmetic injectable treatment and the first question is "how much is the treatment?"  Whilst I try to keep my prices reasonable so I can reward my loyal patients and help them manage the upkeep of continued treatments, please be aware it would be foolish for price to be the deciding factor when choosing to undergo a cosmetic procedure.

Roughly 25% of patients who contact me do not seem ready for a treatment. Firstly, you must be over 18 years old and I would prefer you to be over 21 years old.  You need to have emotional maturity and resilience to undergo a cosmetic procedure.  There are certain common complications that you can expect following a treatment and you must have the resources to handle them. It can take 2-3 weeks for the body to heal post-procedure and you must be able to manage your emotions and expectations should that occur. 

It is also best to wait and schedule your appointment well before any holiday or big event - at least 4-6 weeks. Not only is there often a wait to have a treatment from cosmetic medicine specialists but also it is ill-advised to have a treatment prior to travel (how could you be reviewed in the event of a complication or undesired outcome?!) or big event (again, what if you encounter severe swelling and/or an undesired outcome?) In many respects, you will benefit from being patient by scheduling your appointment with plenty of notice - especially if before a holiday or big event and taking time off work, if required.

Lastly, there are lots of good resources out there for you to read up about before you come to your consultation. Do check out and and I would be wary of videos from non-medical professionals discussing procedures because you are best seeking the views of the specialists in the field.  Whilst you will receive a comprehensive consultation and consent, it's great to be prepared and that way you won't feel overwhelmed with information.