How do Fillers Work?

Gone are the days of pillow face and expressionless face, we are a modern aesthetics service that prides itself on being able to deliver a treatment to any age group with its specialist and advanced aesthetics techniques.  Meticulous care is crucial to injecting into the deep dermal plane or intradermal plane. This expertise makes the difference between a great result and an average result.

How does it work?

Modern injectable fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that the body breaks down gradually. Depending on the purpose and the viscosity of the filler, it can last for different time frames but that is a good thing. Although you might feel inconvenienced by returning for further treatments, your face will change as it ages which is why refreshing a treatment is advised.  As the company's Lead in filler treatments I am trained in the advanced treatments and only use products that are the market leaders in effectiveness and safety.  Anaesthetic cream is used topically to minimise the pain of injecting but the filler also contains an aesthetic chemical so if you are one of the minority who experience some discomfort, the pain should not worsen. 


How long do fillers last for?

For lips: Lip filler commonly lasts 6-9 months though we hear reports from our customers that they are still pleased with their results 12 months later. For other customers who are looking to work towards longer-term pouty lips, they stagger 3-6 months between treatments in order to reach a stable end result 18 months later.


Cheeks: Juvederm Voluma restores lost volume to regain a youthful curve in the cheek. The product is elastic, viscous and supports structures to enhance the cheeks, it lasts 18 months and is seen as a great investment as an alternative to a face lift and is known as a liquid face lift. A commonly occurring issue is that it may highlight deficits in the tear trough and so dependent on your consultation, it might be worth considering a simultaneous tear trough enhancement.


Laughter lines: Juvederm Ultra 3 is used to fill the nasolabial lines that are a deeper wrinkle.  The product plumps up the skin and stays in place for a result that will last about 9 months, though we have reports of 12 months from our customers.


Tear Troughs: I call this treatment the "cherry on the cake" because all the other filler treatments aim to take the viewer's aim to the mid face.  The eyes really are the windows to the soul which is why a beautifully proportioned face keeps a person's attention in that area.  Depending on whether or not other treatments are required, the tear troughs are "airbrushed" with a light filler because it sits next to the service of the skin, only the best product is used and it is meticulously applied. Unlike other fillers that encourage water being drawn to the area for a plumping effect, Juvederm Volbella aims to restore lost volume in the orbital rim without causing swelling to the area, it lasts about 12 months.


How quickly can you see the results?

Unlike toxin treatments (like Botox) the result is instant and your clinician is guided by what they see as they deliver it in order to complete the entire procedure. However you can expect swelling and bruising after a filler treatment so don't feel alarm if there is more volume initially than you expected.  In exceptional circumstances filler can be reversed with an enzyme (because it is a naturally occurring substance).