self injecting

The Problem with Self Injecting


Juno Aesthetics is mindful about what content is put online with could be used by untrained lay people to instruct themselves on how to self-inject. As reported by Glamour Magazine and from just a quick scan on Youtube, there are people injecting themselves with dermal fillers. Not only are they dangerously unaware of the catastrophic risks of doing so but they are injecting on a 2-dimensional plane and will have challenges finding the right depth and use the right volume in key areas of the face to be treated.

A good non-surgical clinician will have an ethical responsibility to support good and safe decision making as regards your appearance and should make you aware that they do achieve great results and also in the habit on saying to their patients “enough” and your next steps for treatment will be in X number of months (and not earlier!) This is for your protection so that you continue to reach your aesthetics goals but not in a manner that will leave you appearing “over treated” or “odd looking.”